Christmas Eve Letter to Maria Delp from Berlin-Tegel Prison

The first writing of Alfred Delp that I offer is his 1944 Christmas Eve letter to his mother–Maria Delp. The letter was quickly handwritten and smuggled out of Tegel. Here a young incarcerated priest writes to his mother and extends his Christmas wishes to the family. Also of note is his concern for his niece–Marianne:

23 December 1944

Dear Mother,

On Christmas Eve a warm greeting! I am happy that you have gone to Munich and are soon going to the country. I hope you came through well in Munich and await a message from you.

Marianne will be going to the school by Simsee. The teacher there is very nice. Also his wife and two daughters. Give all a warm greetings from me. And do not forget me in that old church.

Share with me your new address. A warm and proper greeting to Father. I write to him often, so that he does not fall into discomfort.

With Marianne, you must be very careful. Please do not spoil. Otherwise no good development can take place in her.

For the New Year, I wish you the Lord God’s good blessing. He will straighten all things. Do not lose heart. Warm greetings to Father and the siblings. Remember God for all your blessings and care.



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