Thank you Letter to Sr. Chrysolia

As I labor on this beautiful summer day to translate Alfred Delp’s writings on the devotion to the Heart of Jesus, I can not help but be distracted by his letter of appreciation to Sr. Chrysolia. Delp’s first letter written from prison (Berlin Moabit) was sent to Chrysolia. And in that letter he asked for basic necessities, such as “clean underclothes.”

In this letter, written a few months later and from Berlin Tegel prison, Delp thanks Chrysolia and ask for her prayers. The “long Baron” refers to Helmuth von Motke. The translation is from Mary Frances Coady’s fine introduction to Alfred Delp, SJ.

[Berlin Tegel Prison]

Middle of November 1944

Dear S.,

Greetings to you. Whether and how this will get to you. I don’t know. If it does get to you, don’t say much further about it.

I just want to thank you for all the work you’ve done for me. Thank the other sisters as well. And to apologize for all the trouble we went through together. Oh, how small and narrow all those things really were. How completely different the world looks after ten weeks of terribly worry and hunger and pain and hopelessness!

Yes, and now I need your prayer. I think that we’re sticking together now in the same way that we did in the basement, praying like mad together. I’m begging you now. I’m in a terrible state of affairs. If God doesn’t help, I don’t see any other way out. Please get the other sisters to pray too. Greetings to everybody in the house. Mid-December is probably when my fate will be decided. So many of my friends have already died, but the “long Baron” is still alive. We’re going to be on trial together. Greetings to everyone, thank you for everything, and ask everybody to pray.

God bless you.

Your old patient

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