In the Womb of the Virgin Mary [Part III]

This concludes Alfred Delp’s section on the relationship between the devotion to the Heart of Jesus and the devotion to the BVM in Delp’s meditation on the Litany of the Heart of Jesus. 


[translated from Alfred Delp: Gesammelte Schriften IV: Aus dem Gefängnis]


Berlin-Tegel Prison, November 1944

Heart of Jesus in the Womb of the Virgin Mary formed by the Holy Spirit.

Even in this invocation stands a real and rich message for us people of today. There is firstly a finding that the innermost and most bountiful atmosphere for life and its flourishing is the atmosphere of serene and persevering warmth.

11_08_05_Immaculate_Heart_01The law of mercilessness and, ultimately, the destructive and scathing law of war, to which we have delivered unto ourselves, is revealed not to be of God. Wherever the world is as God has decreed, and wherever people live as God has willed it, is where God always calls upon the free and previously chosen for his task. God’s desire for the world is salvation, real and serious, which includes comforting the motherless.

Especially in hours full of need, individuals repeatedly experience, find, and build upon the many hundred quiet signals of mercy and subtle paths of consolation that God brings about.

And there is the victimization of nature. We have established a dictator of nature and have accorded right-of-way streets for everything pressing and threatening in our existence. Sometimes it seems as though if a higher intellect means a higher level or even a personal achievement.

Things must remain in their order and there is a nature, which has an order that must not be violated, if one does not want to make life sick. Yet there is a healthy part of nature that belongs to the law of openness beyond oneself, even if it entails the price of a decision or adopting an attitude that goes against oneself.

One only has to see/hear the natural order spoken of in the invocations, one of the virginity and motherhood in their necessary commitment to each other and in their openness towards each other in order to comprehend it. Woe to life and the people, in which one of these orders and attitudes wanted to be without a minimum of the other. One would become bristling and deadly ice and the other would become destructive lava. But the Holy Spirit has unified them both in Mary, elevated them together and blessed them.

This is the message of spirituality and of the ministry of life. Only if actions come from the Spirit, from the discovery of right decisions, only then do they guard and build. And only if the Holy Spirit is the innermost guide of life, can one be equipped and venture on the great journey. This is especially important because otherwise the instinct, the intuition for what is possible and impossible, is lost out of a sheer self-obsession.

In all this lies a great comfort and mercy. God has not delivered us here unto blind chance and development. Leadership, guidance, free call, and mercy surround us.





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