The Heart of Jesus intrinsically united with the Word of God [Part I]

I resume my posting of Alfred Delp’s prison writings on the devotion to the Heart of Jesus. This post starts the last section of his reflections on the Sacred Heart before he begins his famous memoirs on Advent.

[translated from Alfred Delp: Gesammelte Schriften IV: Aus dem Gefängnis]


Berlin-Tegel Prison, November 1944

The Heart of Jesus intrinsically united with the Word of God

jesus-heart-baby-10This invocation continues the subject of the Heart of Jesus and concludes it. Its theological content is the doctrine of two nature; the fact that in Christ is a divine and a human nature brought together in one divine Person. The second theological content of the invocation stems from the statement that the unity with the divine nature is unity with the Word of God.

Both of these statements are a continuation of the earlier invocation, and at the same time as well a proclamation of the inner transparency, which our own life gains in meeting with the message of the Heart of God.

Voûte_en_berceau_ConquesAs you know, almost everything in life depends on unwavering and unbroken tensions. Tension, this lively flowing arc between genuine sources and beam points of power, as you know, is approximately the secret of living. The one-sidedness which, as you know, essentially arises from severing the source points from the relationship arc, is for this very reason so perilous and destructive. For religion itself no, less than for the health of the people, almost everything depends on inherent tensions: immanence and transcendence; this-wordliness and otherworldliness; and naturalness and supernaturalness. The three word pairs are similar in their factual meaning, but each refers to a different aspect of the one arc of life.

The earlier invocation adheres in itself to a seriousness and power, which applies to the statements about God and His secrets. But they could seduce the loving heart to a domestication and bring about in it the longing for a familiar place of windowless security. All of this is intrinsically rejected because, as you know, a beckoning of the Holy Spirit, the flowing divine blaze, ought to be revered. Yet human consciousness always has to be subjected again and again to divine guidance otherwise it starts to wish and to dream falsely.

to be continued…

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