The Heart of Jesus intrinsically united with the Word of God [Part III]

This is a continuation from yesterday’s post.

[translated from Alfred Delp: Gesammelte Schriften IV: Aus dem Gefängnis]

Berlin-Tegel Prison, November 1944

The Heart of Jesus intrinsically united with the Word of God

stan-moody-solitary-confinementToday we are all ill from tremendous world peril. The world surrounds us with high walls and has barred our windows. If it has left us any view at all, it covers the view and the glimmer [of light] with drapes.

The world takes us for “total service” meaning that it uses us and then sucks us out. The world pressures us with questions without answers, it drives us into an unspeakable melancholy and desolation, and it acts coldly, relentlessly and vindictively towards us.

The person, we people, I, you, other friends, we feel so lost and as though we have gone astray in the place which at one point we ecstatically called our world and to which we consecrate a new hymn and to which we want to sing a new song. What has happened?

The world has been done an injustice. We have made it too small. Only just “wordly”. The idea of a pure and total inner worldliness is a thought crime.

Whoever does not have the intuition and the desire for the nonsense, the inner nonsense of such a spiritual attempt – we no longer have it – they will have to wait until the consequences appear which, given such a thorough assault, will not be long in coming. And we are groaning under those now.

Let us recall the things [of reality] and their entire and eternal relations. We will then learn circumspection again and true desires, values and nobility. And we will no longer force things into self-defence as a result of our own assault which we inflict upon them. We will enable the world to once again have its innermost fountains flow and sing, if we return them to the old eternal order.

The eternal belongs to the contemporary, the spiritual in the sensual, the otherworldliness in the worldly just like the divine being belongs in the reality of salvation. Only in the streaming arc of tension does life succeed. The path of the short cut, of the wiping away of one of the poles, these is a far too easy, blatant, and fraudulent solution. But, over the long haul it is deadly.

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