Diary from the Spiritual Exercises; 9 October 1938

This is the 2nd entry in Alfred Delp’s long retreat diary from tertianship. It is also the 1st entry which mentions the Heart of God. What caught my attention is that he sees the Heart of God to represent the centre of God’s will. Moreover, he speaks of this heart as the fixed point from which one cannot be shaken and from which one can shake others.

[translated from Gesammelte Schriften I: Geistliche Schriften]


Feldkirch, Austria; 9 October 1938

After all the events of my life, I ought to make an honest decision for the Lord.

Will gladly encounter God with the heart. Finally encounter him with total love: that is religion. And as a religious I must abandon myself to the Exercises.

Have a sense for service. Be more responsive to God. Seek and find a personal relationship work and Him.

The uncertainties in my present life–the fear and ignorance–I have put these things too much on myself. I have not been called down and led down into the Heart of God.

sacred_heartThat is our peace and great advantage, if we are at centre of the will of God. Here we have the fixed point, which cannot be shaken and from which we can shake all others.

From my haste and hurry I arrive through a personal conversation with my God. To love Him, to understand Him, and to find myself in Him.

I notice this immediately, as I become more peaceful and relaxed under the nearness of God in this 2nd retreat. As the ancient fluidity of the Spirt again reveals, and I am glad.

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